Formally established in the Spring of 2014, the Global Outreach Program is responsible for ensuring that Boğaziçi University’s message, mission, and image are effectively and innovatively communicated to external audiences, most notably to those in North America. Its overarching goal is increasing the University’s engagement, approach, and visibility in North America through reestablishing, strengthening and stewarding its relationships with institutions and individuals there, most notably its friends and alumni. 

At the heart of the Program’s ongoing outreach efforts lies Boğaziçi University’s continuing quest to become an even more globally distinct institution. Based on the belief that Boğaziçi University has set the standard for a university in service to the international community, these outreach endeavors are aimed at ensuring that Boğaziçi University be increasingly perceived as an international leader and at reinforcing the its mission in global terms through actively encouraging international activities that will further strengthen Boğaziçi University in the years to come.

The Global Outreach Program is also responsible for developing strategies aimed at gaining support from its community in North America, most especially because both its roots and so many of its alumni and educational partners are located there. Harnessing the support of its North America-based alumni and friends, so many of whom have shown their commitment to enhancing Boğaziçi University’s position as a global institution, is an important part of Boğaziçi University’s mission to become a global university. Not having directly pursued alumni activities in the region for some time, Boğaziçi University has begun to step up its “friend-raising” efforts through the Global Outreach Program.